Misty Maiden Story

Misty Maiden is a legend in the alpaca community and has rightfully earned the industry appellation, “Dam of the Century.”

A Sollocota import from Peru in 1993, Misty is the heart and soul of our breeding program. She was initially owned by well-known breeder Anthony Stachowski and soon thereafter was acquired by Sue Bailey of Silver Creek Alpacas (SCA) in Ohio. While at SCA Misty birthed numerous offspring, each of whom garnered championships in the show circuit. In short order, Misty’s offspring began to dominate the fawn class and were immediately recognizable for their distinctive characteristics.

Misty Maiden’s offspring are the complete package. They sport extraordinary fleece coverage and excellent conformation for a flawless phenotype that distinguishes them. Their fleeces are truly phenomenal and better than anyone imagined possible in the fawn class. In fact, not even white alpacas can beat Misty’s kids; her son, Desert Sun, won ‘Best Overall Fleece’ at the 2002 Estes Wool Park out of 232 entries in all colors. Judges everywhere are constantly stating that Misty Maiden’s offspring are “one-of-a- kind” and really are the complete package.

Notable offspring include her first daughter, Precious Fawn, a 7-time champion; Miss Priss, a 12-time champion daughter; 2X Grand Champion son, Magnum; 8X Champion son, Desert Sun. and 8X Champion daughter, Silver Belle.

We acquired Misty in 2005 for a record-setting price. Since our acquisition we have enjoyed the birth of five crias—four girls and one male—each with champion hallmarks of the Misty legacy. A total of nine (9) Misty offspring currently reside at our farm, more than any other place.

Today Misty is the grand dam of Pepper Pot Farm. She is the “Queen” and we treat her as such. She is a model dam, dutifully nurturing, caring and instructing each of her crias until they are fully weaned and independent. As a mother, Misty keeps a watchful eye on not only her crias, but also the others. Her offspring are every bit as sweet, feisty and independent as Misty. Thankfully, Misty is in remarkable health. With the birth of her 2010 male cria, Memphis, we had her carefully evaluated by our vet. With an uneventful pregnancy and nursing, she was deemed to be ready to breed again for a 2011 cria, this time with our own herdsire, Bonsai. We are especially excited for this one!

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